• Cabaret Club Online Casino Promotions

    Get up to $150 Free at Cabaret Club Casino!

    Cabaret Club Casino has a 100% bonus offer for their new players, for up to $150 free! Plus you are automatically entered into their Loyal Club and given 500 points for free, after the first deposit, and other special Cabaret Club online casino promotions.

    After making your first deposit and collecting the great bonus offer, your Cabaret Club Casino promotions will begin; with compititions, contests, loyalty club offers, and more.

    Cabaret Club's New Players get up to $150 Free!

    New customers starting out with the Cabaret Club Casino promotions can find a little information below on how to get started and some info on the Loyalty Club offers too.

    It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

    1. Download their free casino software or try Cabaret Club Instant Play casino.
    2. Register a real player online account.
    3. Open the online casino and sign into your account.

    All that's left is making a deposit to get your instant bonus and have fun!

    The Cabaret Club Casino Loyalty Club.

    New customers will be automatically enrolled into the Loyalty Club with 500 free Club Points:

    • All players get 1 Club Point for every $10 wagered (depending on which tier you're in).
    • With every 1000 points traded in you get $10 in free casino tokens.
    • Free tokens will automatically show up in your "bonus account".

    This is where the Cabaret Club Casino promotions come into play; the more you wager, the faster you will move up in the Loyalty Club tiers. There are four Loyalty Club tiers and with each tier succession you get more bonus points back for your play:

    • Cabaret Club loyal players Blue Tier - When your loyalty points are from 0 to 2499 points.
      No special bonuses for this tier, other than your sign on bonus or other offers.
    • Cabaret Club loyal players Silver Tier - When loyalty points are from 2500 to 4999; you get a 10% bonus club points match. You must bank 2500 points to keep the bonus.
    • Cabaret Club loyal players Gold Tier - When loyalty points are from 5000 to 9999; get a 20% bonus club points match. Players must bank 4500 points to get the bonus.
    • Cabaret Club loyal players Platinum Tier - When your loyalty points are at 10,000 or more you can get a 40% bonus points match! Keep this bonus match while banking 8000 points each month.

    The Cabaret Club's Club Points are calculated on a monthly basis. Customers can gain higher rewards by climbing through the four tiers to the maximum bonuses at the Platinum tier. Get all the information by reading the details at Cabaret Club online casino, in the Loyalty Club section.

    Please read the "Terms and Conditions" on all Cabaret Club Casino promotions and bonus offers before playing with your free cash. Now all you need to do is sign up and have fun!

    Get Cabaret Club Casino bonuses and promotions!