It Came From Venus Slots - New Slots at Betsoft Casinos


It Came From Venus slots appeared at Betsoft casinos just a few days ago, with 5-reels, 30-lines, bonus games, free spins, 2x-10x multiplier wilds, collapsing wins and a lot of hilarious 3D action! Watch a big-toothed grinning Venus flytrap steal the show and make you smile in these new slots.

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The Collapsing Wins feature in It Came from Venus slots is the highlight during the games, where you get the coin value of the three symbols stacked up on a reel, after they drop down to form new symbols and possibly more wins. All thirty lines must be played before the Collapsing Wins feature will activate.

It Came From Venus Slots

It Came From Venus slots Free Spins feature is triggered after the Venus flytrap gobbles up three grain bags. A grain bag will appear on Reel 3, then drop out of the game onto the “Select Lines” Barrel, and then the Venus flytrap will eat it. Eleven free spins are automatically triggered and an appearing grain bag will turn into a sticky wild for several spins.

The bonus game is called Save the Plant, and it’s triggered when three or more helicopter symbols appear. Choose one of five boxes to try to find the hidden plant.
The 2x-10x multiplier wilds will appear randomly during the games, which you will find is not very often, but they can help you win extra coins.

All in all, It Came from Venus slots wouldn’t be the same without its host, a grinning Venus flytrap who likes to antagonize its farmer. You can watch the flytrap monster gobble-up treats throughout the games, and it’ll make you smile, too. Play these new slots today!

Author: GamesAndCasino