Evolution Makes Revolution with New Free Bet Blackjack and 2 Hand Casino Hold’em Live Games


One of the greatest brands for live casino games released completely redefined versions of traditional and widely popular releases. They freshly-baked Free Bet Blackjack and 2 Hand Casino Hold’em bring the experience to an even higher level, opening numerous possibilities.

New Addition to ‘Infinite’ Family:

Offering a practically limitless number of seats for contestants at a single table, the new one automatically adds Free Bets on selected Double Down and Split bets. Like in Infinite Blackjack, a single hand is dealt to all participants using advanced software which combines the live dealing of physical and virtual cards directly to each individual player, regardless of their number at the table at any given time. Once the initial two cards are dealt…

… each participant can play their hand and make their own betting decisions. During each session, Free Double Down bets on two-card hard 9, 10, 11 totals as well as Free Split bets on all pairs except 10s are automatically offered to the player every time their hand qualifies. The upgraded version also boasts four optional side bets — any Pair, 21+3, Hot 3 and Bust It, along with the Six Card Charlie rule.

Big Hit among Players:

As far as Chief Product Officer at Evolution, Todd Haushalter, pointed out, such an uncommon approach has good potential to attract not only new players but those who are already regular consumers of live games. He announced as follows:

 “Our Free Bet Blackjack is based on one of the most popular modern varieties of Blackjack played in land-based casinos, so we are confident it will be a big hit with players.”

THEIR Vision of Poker:

Their second creation, 2 Hand Casino Hold’em, a unique poker variant from Evolution allows a virtually unlimited number of contestants to compete against the house. The participants are dealt two separate hands, putting an optional AA Bonus Bet at their disposal. Basically similar to the regular variant, but powered up with new options

… this title is supplies players with even more rounds. Such fast-paced two-hand game results in 70% more rounds than a typical gaming session, at least that’s what statistics from the studio claim.

Doubly Entertaining:

Striving to make the most (end even more) with this poker game, Halthauser strongly believes that all the implementations will have more than fine reception among the consumers. As he said:

“In 2 Hand Casino Hold’em, meanwhile, two hands for every player means a doubly entertaining experience with increased fun, betting options and chances to win. If the player loses their hand in standard poker then the game is over. With two hands, however, the fun and the suspense keep on coming!”


By Aleksandra Zolotic