Enter the Myth with Stakelogic's Stone Gaze of Medusa Slot


Stakelogic, a leader in the online gaming sector, has recently launched its new slot game, Stone Gaze of Medusa. This game provides an engaging journey into the enigmatic world of ancient Greek monsters, offering players a unique and memorable escapade filled with the allure of mythology.

Game Mechanics and Special Features

The Stone Gaze of Medusa is structured around a 6x5 reel grid set amidst the impressive scenery of Greek temples and mystical landscapes, enhancing the player's immersion in this ancient world. What makes this slot stand out is its cascading reel feature. Upon securing a win, the symbols involved disappear, allowing new ones to fall into place, potentially triggering a chain of wins within a single spin.

Adding depth to the gameplay is the Bonus Spins, activated by specific symbol combinations, where players can benefit from added multipliers and bonuses. The game also features explosive Multipliers from x2 up to x1000 and transformative Power Symbols reminiscent of the mythical Medusa herself. These Power Symbols have the ability to annihilate specific reel symbols to set the stage for even larger victories.

Moreover, the innovative Spin to Win element adds a dynamic bridge to the excitement of live casino thrill, offering players a shot at spinning live money wheels for additional rewards.

Olga Bajela, CCO at Stakelogic, highlighted, 'Our team has crafted a fully immersive slot that transports players directly into the mythical realm ruled by the most fascinating and fearsome gorgon. The combination of Free Spins, Multipliers, and Power Symbols, topped with Spin to Win, makes this game a standout that we are confident will captivate our players.'

Exquisite Design and Immersive Audio

The visual and auditory elements of Stone Gaze of Medusa have been meticulously designed to capture the mythical essence of the theme. The game showcases stunning visuals with detailed depictions of ancient ruins and detailed symbols that seem to jump from the screen, pulling adventurers deeper into Medusa's domain.

Accompanying the visuals is a well-crafted soundtrack that complements every aspect of the gameplay, creating an all-encompassing atmosphere that keeps players engaged with every spin. Stone Gaze of Medusa, with its rich storyline, advanced features, and atmospheric design, promises to be an essential title in Stakelogic’s portfolio, appealing to all who relish high-caliber slot games and mythological themes.


''Stone Gaze of Medusa is the new mesmerising slot from Stakelogic'' press release. May 23, 2024.

By GamesAndCasino