Unleash Wins with Pragmatic Play’s The Big Dawgs Slot


Pragmatic Play has again impressed with their latest release titled, The Big Dawgs. This exciting slot game is brimming with dog-themed elements that offer an experience for players. Its vibrant visuals and dynamic gameplay make it an engaging escapade into the world of our four friends.

Innovative Game Mechanics; A Canine Twist

The Big Dawgs features a 5x5 grid layout that offers an impressive 2,304 ways to win. The game mechanics are cleverly designed so that winning combinations can be formed from dog symbols and various objects in all directions: from left to right and top to bottom. When a win is achieved, these symbols disappear to make way for ones potentially triggering wins in an exciting cascade effect.

Enhancing Your Chances of Winning

One thing that sets The Big Dawgs apart is the inclusion of Wild and Multi Wild symbols, which bring a layer of excitement to the game. Whenever you land a winning combination there's a possibility of either a symbol or a Multi Wild symbol, with a 2x showing up on the reels. These symbols act as a remedy for winning symbols greatly boosting the likelihood of subsequent wins. Additionally, every now and then you might encounter a Big Wild symbol that covers either 2x2 or 3x3 positions on the reels, further increasing your chances of winning in a thrilling way.

Unlocking Exciting Bonus Features

The Big Dawgs truly shines when it comes to its bonus rounds, including the Dawgs and Dawgs extra spins. As you progress in the game, revealing the word "DAWGS" underneath symbols triggers these exhilarating bonus rounds. The Dirty Dawgs bonus awards five spins that can be retriggered by revealing DAWGS. Each extra spin starts with a 1x multiplier that increases with every tumble. On one hand, the Double Dawgs round offers ten spins with a sticky 1x multiplier that grows after each win but remains consistent, between spins.

Pragmatic has again impressed with their latest slot game! Building on the success of Blade & Fangs, this title showcases the providers ability to create captivating and thematically rich slots!

Irina Cornides, Chief Operating Officer at Pragmatic Play, said: “Offering 2,304 ways to win and two distinct extra spin bonus rounds with a novel way to access them, The Big Dawgs is a wild and fun addition to Pragmatic Play’s growing collection of canine-themed Slots.”

Source: “Pragmatic Play Embarks On A Wild Adventure With The Big Dawgs”Pragmatic Play. January 8, 2024.

By Ivan Stefanovic