Join the Ruff Crew’s Heist Adventure in Online Slot


Ever glanced at a sparkling diamond and wondered about its worth? Well, it's not just humans who are curious! In Play’n GO's latest captivating slot game, a squad of daring dogs, known as the Ruff Crew, are on a mission. Their goal? To snag a dazzling diamond cache from the elusive Fat Cat.

Meet the Crafty Canines

The brand, which acquired a Spanish license this past spring, invites players to step into a world where Archie, T-Bone, and Badge aren't just man's best friends, but the masterminds behind a diamond theft of epic proportions. Together, these three are on a noble quest to redistribute Fat Cat’s ill-gotten riches, ensuring every paw gets its due!

Venture into the thrilling realm of 5x3 reels, where every spin can pave the way to immense rewards. As you navigate this treacherous territory, keep an eye out for the coveted Dog Collect symbols. A lucky landing on the fifth reel means an instant collection of all Diamond Cash symbols, each bearing a unique multiplier to boost your winnings!

Unleash the Tools of the Trade

The Ruff Crew may look cute, but they're cunning to the core. Each member brings a special trick to the table:

T-Bone: The game-changer. He has the knack to magnify all player rewards.

Badge: Possessing a unique power-up, Badge ensures that prizes don't slip away.

Archie: The multiplier maestro. With his skills, collecting becomes up to five times more rewarding!

Bonus Spins and Bountiful Bonuses

The journey gets even more thrilling with the Bonus Spins Trail. For every four Dog Collect symbols you gather, a reward of 10 Bonus Spins awaits. And the ultimate goal? The Cash Vault, bursting with treasures. With each spin, riches pour into this vault. Once the Bonus Spin Trail concludes and no more spins remain, players can claim the total value of the Cash Vault. But, if Bonus Spins are still in play, the Cash Vault's riches continue to grow, making every spin a potential goldmine!

Join the Ruff Crew in this exhilarating adventure, and you might just walk away richer in more ways than one. Dive in and let the caper begin!

Head of Game Retention at Play’n GO, George Olekszy, commented: “We’re certain that Ruff Heist is going to be a perfect addition to Play’n GO’s Animal Slots. Not only is this a popular theme among many fans, but the game itself offers a number of exciting features to really engage players to create a rewarding and fun experience.”

Source: “Play’n GO plans a break-in with the paw-fect posse in Ruff Heist”. Play’n GO. October 19, 2023.

By Ivan Stefanovic