Introducing Play'n GO’s Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune Slot


Embark on a journey through the realm of Mithrune as you dive into the fascinating story of Syn, a legendary figure intertwined with the kingdom’s history. Discover not wealth but also delve into the origins behind Syn’s remarkable riches.

Step foot into the enchanting world of Mithrune, where magic thrives, and mystery abounds. Witness a battle between heroes and villains as they vie for supremacy, within this kingdom. Among these individuals is Syn, who rises to become one of Mithrunes Champions through acts of courage and strength.

Immerse Yourself in a Magical Gaming Experience

Prepare to be captivated by Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune as you enter a 5x4 reel structure that transports you directly into Syn’s realm. Experience firsthand the abilities and transformations that make Syn such an intriguing character.

Here each spin takes you on a journey, through Syn’s past, unveiling the story of their rise to greatness. The gameplay is filled with bonus features that are carefully designed to immerse players in Syn’s captivating narrative.

Central to the gameplay is the Syn Symbol, which represents Syn’s ability to shape shift. This symbol, the pinnacle of rewards, possesses the power to transform any symbol into its likeness resulting in a thrilling cascade of wins in a single round. This feature beautifully showcases the unpredictability and awe-inspiring nature of Syn’s abilities.

When you unlock the Extra Spins round you'll be transported into an exhilarating Power Up feature that combines elements of hold and win style gameplay. Within this feature players have three bonuses to choose from; symbol enhancements, additional extra spins or lucrative multipliers. Each option provides a path to enhance your chances of winning big. Reflects Syn’s diverse range of capabilities.

Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune is not your slot game; it marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter, in the Mithrune series following the success and acclaim garnered by Champions of Mithrune. It becomes part of Play'n GO’s selection of fantasy based games, which includes a variety of themes such, as legends and Ancient Egyptian adventures. This collection offers a range of options for those who enjoy immersing themselves in the world of fantasy and escapism.

Games Ambassador at Play’n GO, Magnus Wallentin said: “We’re thrilled to be releasing a second title in the Mithrune universe and giving fans a more in-depth look into the history of both the Kingdom of Mithrune and Syn the Shapeshifter.

Source: “Play’n GO seeks the fortunes of a champion’s past”. Play’n GO. January 4, 2023.

By Ivan Stefanovic