Check Out Online Slot Torii Tumble by Relax Gaming


In the very core of Japan, where its timeless traditions and rich history throb with life, there lies a fresh adventure on the horizon. Nestled among these tales of samurai and folklore is a revelation from Relax Gaming, a pioneer that has consistently left its mark in the vast expanse of the iGaming universe. Their latest creation, Torii Tumble, emerges not just as a mere game but as an enthralling epic. Within its virtual realms, players don't merely spin reels or chase after points—they embark on a profound journey, channeling their innermost warrior spirit. And for those who dare to rise to the occasion, they might discover that this odyssey holds the key to treasures beyond their wildest dreams.

Behind these iconic gates lies a realm steeped in shadow, where battles between light and dark take center stage. The allure isn't just about the thrill of the fight, but the potential jackpot—a staggering 20,000 times your stake if you emerge victorious.

More than just a Tumble

Torii Tumble introduces a fascinating Multiplier Ladder, which escalates with every triumphant round. Pair this with the Multiplier Booster and the invaluable Spin Saver stone block, and the battlefield becomes ripe with opportunities. But that's not all; bonus spins beckon players in three exhilarating modes, enhanced further with the gamble of additional bonus spins.

Every stone block carries with it a promise. As players harness the power of both samurai and the fearsome one, these blocks reveal multipliers, spin savers, and even more bonus spins. It's a game of strategy, anticipation, and pure adrenaline.

Gaming Experience Like No Other

The allure of the game doesn't end at its captivating gameplay. As a testament to Relax Gaming's commitment to excellence, the company has a rich history of developing unique titles and exciting experiences. For instance, it recently made headlines by turning an ordinary player into a millionaire through its dream drop jackpots.

Shelley Hannah, Chief Product Officer at Relax Gaming, said: “Atmospheric, warrior-themed slots are always popular with a global audience and Torii Tumble is no exception. This truly is an exciting release for Relax Gaming.”

Source: “Relax Gaming transports players to the Land of the Rising Sun in Torii Tumble”. European Gaming. August 9, 2023.

By Ivan Stefanovic