Mahjong Club Review

A site that is gaining in popularity as the game of mahjong becomes more and more prominent as a gaming offering, the Mahjong Club is a no-frills, easy-to-use website that seems to go out of its way to avoid being intimidating, which is important as a purveyor of something that might otherwise appear very intimidating indeed to those not familiar with it.

There are great inherent strengths within what the Mahjong Club does. For one thing, beginners are very welcome here. There is a nice, simple flash tutorial for all novices, easily accessible from the front page of the website. And there are rather comprehensive help pages that contain basic information about the game of mahjong, a Frequently Asked Questions area, a glossary of commonly-used terms, and a complete set of scoring tables.

There is also a thorough explanation of the site's signature game - Speed Mahjong - the multiplayer game where four internet players are required to participate, and where a winner is determined after one round only. Speed Mahjong is based on the Hong Kong Cantonese brand of Mahjong (136 tiles). But the player need not be too worried if he or she hasn't played the game before, because there is plenty of guidance available. It is, however, highly advisable that if you haven't played before, you go through the primer and the background information available before diving into a speed game.

Because players are bound to have wildly varying levels of experience with such a game, there are various levels of play - from 90 cents all the way up to $30. The game lobby supports two major types of "fan" games - the 0-to-2 fan game and the 2-to-5 game.

Mahjong Club allows the player to engage in either free or real money-based action. The software, developed by Dynasty Gaming, offers an environment where everything is easy to see while you are playing, with sound and animated characters. It is a flash game so there is no download for the player to concern himself with.

Also, the site caters to those who speak both English and Chinese (although admittedly if you speak exclusively Chinese, there is little chance you're reading this review).

There is a 20% deposit bonus offered for players when they make a cash deposit from their NETeller account or off a credit card. The 20% will be added to the amount deposited by the player. This bonus tops out at $20 (reflective of a $100 deposit). Mahjong Club also rewards players who refer friends to the site. With the Refer-A-Friend Bonus, the player can earn $20 for each friend referred to Mahjong Club, as long as the friend makes a deposit of at least $50.

Deposits are easy to make, and can be executed through NETeller, Visa and MasterCard, or PayP2P.

The Mahjong Club prides itself on security and the privacy of its players' information. Toward that end, all communications that take place between the customer and Mahjong Club are encrypted.

The management also takes pride in getting feedback from customers. Through the members' newsletters, players are asked to answer surveys; if they do, they have a chance to have $50 added to their account.

Here's a place where the player is clearly appreciated. If you enjoy mahjong, or just as importantly, if you're interested and want to learn, this may very well be the destination for you!

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