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The secrets of this Chinese game, which is steeped in tradition, are de-mystified at Games and Casino. Our Mahjong page will take you through the ins and outs of this game of skill, which adapts well to gaming and bears a certain similarity to gin rummy in its structure and objectives.

The idea of the game is to build "sets" through the process of acquiring and discarding tiles. Like a deck of cards, there are four items of each level of value. But in Mahjong, there are 136 pieces, not 52. There are three suits, not four, although the items in each suit are numerically ranked.

There are subtle differences among the various types of Mahjong games, and we will cover the most prominent types, including Chinese Official Mahjong and Hong Kong Mahjong. Since Mahjong is very much a game where skill pays off, the player will benefit immeasurably from our strategies section. And once those strategies have been digested, our free Mahjong tournaments will test the player's skill against others in a setting where everyone comes out ahead in the end for having participated.

If you're a newcomer, it will behoove you to discover Mahjong and learn all the Mahjong Dictionary Terms, then it can be a game will engross you in more ways than one!!

Mahjong Game Objective

Each player is dealt a specific number of tiles. The number varies depending on the version you play. On turn, the player draws and discards a tile. The object of the game is to get a complete hand using all tiles including the drawn tile. The winning hand usually has to contain four sets of three pieces (each set must be either identical or consecutive suit) and a pair of identical pieces.

Each player is identified by the name of a wind. East Wind is usually the identifier for the dealer which is determined by the throw of the dice, and the remaining winds are applied as corresponds to compass directions.

A complete game is four rounds of four hands. Just as soon as a player completes his hand, Mahjong is called and the hand is over.

Mahjong Game Play Strategies

It's easier to make a sequence than a triple

When playing with a Charleston, pass tiles that don't help make a hand you have in mind.

Think before taking a discard at the beginning of the game. This shows your hand.

Save Jokers for later game play. Early game play allows other players to redeem them.

Don't introduce new tiles toward the end of game that haven't already been discarded.

Always work toward a big score hand.

Know what's been played and by whom.

If you know you can't win, you can still keep others from winning! For more in-depth winning Mahjong play make sure and review the Games and Casino Mahjong Strategy section.

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