Lasseters Software Keno

Lasseters Keno software was built with the Keno player in mind. AusVegas has one of the neatest looking Keno grids I have come across. It's almost like your playing on a big purple honeycomb. To the left there are three shoots where your numbers come out and you can see what has been called. It's a really simple but unique looking set up.

The default bet amount is $1 but you can change this all the way up to $15 using the arrows in the amount field. The column above keeps track of your rounds and how many numbers you picked correctly. The more you get right the better the pay off. You can view the pay offs to see how much money you will make per match, its dependant on how many numbers you play. If you match all 10 numbers, which is the maximum bet, on the maximum money amount, you can walk away with a cool $75,000.

The average player return here is anywhere from 75 to 93.6% which is really quite good if your in it for the long run, there's a good chance of hitting big with some persistence. No matter how many rounds you play the same numbers in a row, you will only be paid for the biggest hit, so unless you have a good set of numbers you like, there's no reason not to change them up every game. If you don't want to pick your numbers you can click the quick pick and have it pick them for you, but as most know, Keno players love their lucky numbers.

Lasseters Keno is really fun and very dependable. If you're looking for a good Keno game with some bigger limits this could be perfect for you. The jack pots aren't as huge as some other Kenos out there, but for the price to pay it's not bad. Straight forward Keno is what you get, if you're looking for extra side games I would venture somewhere else.

Lasseters Keno

Lasseters Software Keno

Australian Based Lasseters Casino has been serving your gambling needs for the last 7 years. One of the few government licensed sites in Australia, Lasseters is incredibly secure and set up to take transactions from the US and Europe. Lasseters is a very classy site at first glance, upon further inspection you come across one of the greatest selection of games offered on the net.

Lassaters boasts 24 different slot machines! All with varying limits and line amounts. You can choose from normal and progressive. Jackpots are always increasing until someone hits so you should always keep an eye out on those slots. These slot machines are great and original and are better than many sites i have been to that are purely slots. You can win up to $100,000 on some of these machines!

Lasseters also incorporates your favorite table games into the mix. Both Roulette and Baccarat are offered in which you can bet up to $1000 per bet. If you like scratch cards you can play an online version at Lasseters. Video slots and Keno are both also at your disposal. Variety is the name of the game at Lasseters casino.

Members can gain different membership levels over time. You can become a bronze, silver, or gold member over time. Each offer there own special deals, the better the level the bigger the rewards you can get. Some of these feature monthly cash back give awe's and big percentage deposit bonuses. This was all brought in for the loyal players, its Lasseters way of giving back to the customer. At the end of the day Lasseters is an excellent choice and has been since 1999.

Genuine Australian Land Based Casino since 1981, has bets starting as low as one cent.  Register a new cash account, make a keno deposit of $10 and receive a $40 Free Cash Bonus.  Or, make a keno deposit of $50 or more and receive a fantastic 100% Bonus on your first deposit, up to the value of $200. You will also receive a 50% bonus on your second deposit, up to the value of $100

AusVegas Keno

AusVegas Keno

AusVegas is exactly how I would imagine Las Vegas if it were in Australia. Only missing one thing, Kangaroos!

AusVegas is stocked with wonderful casino games to keep you occupied. AusVegas takes all sorts of steps to make sure your information is safe and to protect against minors gambling, you can be assured that when you play with them you have nothing to worry about.

AusVegas features some of the lowest limits available on the net today. Penny slots? AusVegas has them, nine of them in fact!

These slots have huge limits also, you can bet all the way up to $90 on most of the slot machines. AusVegas only offers 5 reel slots, but they have line options up to 20 lines per machine! Three different video poker machines are ready to pay at any moments notice too.

AusVegas has a fair selection of table games. There is small and big limit roulette where you can wager anywhere from 1 cent to 500 dollars.

The Roulette tables are one zero tables, so that's a plus. Baccarat and Black Jack are also both available with bet limits of $1 to $1000! High rollers can flourish here. You can play big limit keno here also with a chance to win up to $75,000.

Promotions run daily and there always something new every month, you'll usually receive an email updating you on the new happenings, but if you can't wait you can check on the promotions section of the AusVegas site at any time or in game at the lobby both work exactly the same. AusVegas is perfect for the budget gambler to the high roller, give'm a try mate!

AusVegas Keno

Get $100 as first keno bonus and $50 as the second bonus! also, there is a $5,000 keno promotion at AUSVEGAS Casino.