Win £250,000 for FREE at Jackpot Joy

Jackpot Joy has announced its television sponsorship of Deal or No Deal on Channel 4, and they are using it to find the next £250,000 Jackpot Joy jackpot winner. In a new “Ad Break Bingo” promotion, Jackpot Joy will reveal a winning combination of numbers during the ad breaks of Deal or No Deal on Channel 4. Players can get their daily set of numbers simply by logging in to their accounts before 2pm every day of the week (except Saturday). If your current day’s numbers match the numbers broadcasted during Deal or No Deal that day, all you need to do is log in to confirm and log out £250,000 richer!

The best part–you don’t even have to be watching the show to win. Every set of broadcasted numbers will be published on Jackpot Joy’s Bingo site for you to match and notify the world of your fantasticluck.

Jackpot Joy has not only outdone itself, it’s outdone nearly every other online bingo site. I mean, who throws this kind of money around? Especially one a game that’s not even based on Bingo? Doesn’t it make it just a little too easy to win?

Maybe. But you won’t hear me complain about it. I like the odds on this game and it saves me a trip to the store to buy a lottery ticket.

What are your thoughts on this marketing scheme? Memorable? Depressing (especially if you’re a player from the United States and can’t get cut in on the action)? Clever? We’d love to hear your imput–but only after you’ve logged in to make sure you’ve grabbed your daily numbers!

Author: GamesAndCasino