Why America Should Legalize Online Bingo

Gambling online is no longer the guilty pleasure of the few, it is a pastime of the masses.

Antigua, W.I. (PRWEB) July 31, 2006 — As the Internet continues to change the way we work, shop, correspond and take care of all manner of business, so the world of online gaming changes also. Online bingo is not just a craze, it is a world-wide phenomenon. The current popularity of online bingo is not merely illustrated by the number of gaming sites to be found on the web, it is also corroborated by the millions of players around the world.

In the past, online bingo was played by few and oft considered a peripheral pastime; today, online bingo is played by real aficionados. The idea that online bingo should not be legalized in the United States is something of a curious commentary on American society. People from all walks of life can now be found playing online bingo; from lawyers to construction workers, office workers to chefs, many people love the fun that online bingo provides.

Although gambling can be a problem to some, most people play within their limits and view online bingo as a harmless and enjoyable way to have fun. The interaction and sense of community fostered by the online bingo family should surely be considered and highlighted as yet another reason to legalize online bingo in the US. Walk into any traditional bingo hall and you will see an accurate representation of those who would also play online bingo. Contrary to popular belief, legalizing online bingo is unlikely to encourage new players, it will merely embrace traditional or online bingo players.

The strict control and meticulous monitoring of gaming sites is something which online bingo proprietors proudly maintain. Online bingo is not a wasteland of lawlessness, rather it is a well regulated, friendly and carefully watched world of people enjoying online bingo in the way it should be enjoyed. Legalizing online bingo is the way forward. Ignoring the prudent arguments which back this up is merely denying the reality: online bingo is here, it is fun, it is safe and it is more popular than ever. Whatever the moral and legal arguments involved, the online bingo community is world wide and comprised of law abiding citizens. Instead of playing online bingo under the banner of other countries, the online bingo community in the States should be allowed to play a game that is legal. The time to rethink is now and the time to legalize online bingo has been here for years.

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Author: GamesAndCasino