17 June 2006


    Astro Bingo players can compete in a host of chat room specials that not only add to the overall experience of online bingo, but also afford the chance to pick up additional bonus points. One of those games is “Bingo War,” a friendly competition that pits the three chat rooms at Astro Bingo – USA, Zodiac and Tutti-Fruity – against each other. The object of the game is for each player in each room to achieve as many bingos as possible.

    The “war’ last for an hour. The room that has the most bingos at the end of the hour will receive 8 BB’s per player, with the runner-up team getting 4 BB’s.

    Another game highlighting the team concept is “Family Feud,” which is restricted to one chat room, which is literally divided into two teams. Each of the teams accrue points based on chat room games and bingo wins. Each member of the winning team gets $10 in comps.

    First-time depositors receive a 105% bonus at Astro Bingo, and regular deposit bonuses range from 35% for deposits from the $20-$50 level to 70% for a $300 deposit.

    So as you can see, it doesn’t really matter whether you want to “team up” or play as an individual, you’re going to be a winner at Astro Bingo!

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