• The Stargazers Tourney at Cyber Bingo

    08 January 2014


    Our recommended USA bingo site Cyber Bingo has added a new, lucrative and fun promotion that will run through most of January. It is called the “Stargazers Bingo Tourney” and it offers all members a chance to get a piece of an extra $2,500 that Cyber Bingo is putting up.

    The promo began on January 6 and will continue until January 26. It will feature a special game every hour of the promotion. The game will feature one of Cyber Bingo’s fun zodiac patterns. All twelve patterns being used in the games are different and interesting.

    Some of the patterns are quite simple, like Aries, which looks quite a bit like a Shepherd’s tool. Another easy one is used for the Gemini Twins. This sign features the Roman Number 2, or II. Other signs, such as the symbols for Capricorn and Pisces, are more complicated and will take longer to fill. Whatever the pattern, the Stargazers Bingo Tourney will provide you with plenty of enjoyable action every hour.

    The winner of each of the many Tourney games will receive one point from Cyber Bingo. After the tourney concludes on January 26, Cyber will add up everyone’s point total and award prizes. The player who has the most points for the month will collect a very nice prize of $1,000. The top ten players in the standings will share in the remaining money in the $2,500 prize pool.

    Since there is a new Stargazers game every hour, there are literally hundreds of games you can enter and win during the month. Even if you weren’t able to play at the start of the promotion, there will still be plenty of time and plenty of games for you to win and move up the Cyber Bingo leader board.