Special Times at Bingo Liner

Bingo Liner

Are there any times when it is better to play at Bingo Liner than others?

You betcha.

Bingo Liner Golden Hour:
Watch out for our massive pots everyday between 9pm – 10pm (EST) and 12am to 1am (EST)
(You can play up to 50 cards during the Golden Hours.)

Bingo Liner Lunch-time Bliss:
Special lunch-time treat everyday at 1pm-2pm, make sure you don’t miss this lunch date!

Please note
- CL pattern Madness is excluded from Golden Hour!

Bingo Liner Blackout Bonanza:
Make sure you join us for this fantastic blackout special at the start of each hour 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm, and 12am for $1000 Jackpots or prizes of no less than of $75.

Of course there are always surprises:

Bingo Liner Treasure Surprise
Keep checking your mail and the message board everyday to see when the “Surprise Treasure” will be revealed! We will choose one random day every week where you will be able to get 50% back on all your purchases!!

Author: GamesAndCasino