Nothing but Love at Bingo Empire

If you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day online bingo promotions, the Bingo Empire online bingo hall has a few love-ly ones to add to your list. From extra BB’s to large chunks of sweet free cash, Bingo Empire puts a little love in everything they do this holiday. Here’s what you have in store for you on Valentine’s Day (Monday, February 14, for all of you slackers out there doing last minute shopping):

  • 14 is the Charm: Bingo on the number 14 in any chat game and you’ll not only claim the current hall prize, you’ll also get 14 extra BB’s to put in your pocket.
  • Heart Pattern Games: All day, Bingo Empire is hosting a Heart Pattern online bingo extravaganza in their Party 75 room. Each game comes with a $50 cash prize and chance at the massive $5,000 Jackpot (makes you’re heart skip a beat, doesn’t it?). The hourly games start at 10am EST and go for a full 12 hours, and at only $.25 a card, you can certainly go all day (and all night, depending on where you’re reading this in the world).
  • Cheap Love: We’re not here to judge–if you can find some good, cheap lovin’, this is definitely the holiday to cash in! We’re glad Bingo Empire feels the same way. Play in the Party 90 bingo hall from 9am to 7pm EST and you may be able to catch the random Cupid discount on bingo cards–just 2 cents a piece for a $22.00 prize!
  • Online Bingo Valentine’s Day Tournaments: If you win the most games in the Party 90 or the Party 75 room on February 14th, you can win an additional $225 to spend on yourself (or your sweetie, albeit a bit late, so you’ll probably need the extra cash).

If you’re new to Bingo Empire, you can also cash in on their 350% first deposit match for all new players. Current players can also take advantage of the “non-stop winning” promotion by getting a 75% match on all deposits.

Looking for more love in all the right places? Check out our Valentine’s Day Promotions Page as well as our previous post about all the action at Vic’s Bingo this Heart holiday.

Author: GamesAndCasino