My Goodness! Kiwi Bingo sure knows how to celebrate a holiday!! The action starts Friday, September 1st and goes all the way through September 4th in a celebration absolutely packed with games and prizes! Just look at this lineup!

Kiwi Bingo’s Special PYOP BBs/Prize games – In Cabaña Café, Liberty Lounge AND 90 Ball Hall with a Playoff game for all PYOP game winners on Monday, 11:05 PM in Liberty Lounge for 1 HUGE prize!! A Dell 20″ Widescreen Flat Panel LCD Monitor!!

$10,000 MUST GO at Kiwi Bingo !! 4x$2500 Guaranteed!! One each night in Cabaña Café played at 10PM ET. Do not miss these games!! BIG MONEY to be won!

Bingo on Kiwi Bingo special L-A-B-O-R-D-A-Y patterns, and you will be the lucky winner of a truly awesome prize! Drum roll…a fantastic Samsung 40″ Wide LCD HDTV worth $1800!! It is a great space saver, super slim and ultra sexy with a fabulous, crystal clear picture quality!! Runners-up will receive: $150 BBs,$100BBs, $/75 BBs, $50BBs & $25BBs!!

Kiwi Bingo 4 day 90 Ball Hall Tournament with massive BB prizes of $100,$75,$50 and 25x$10BBs.

On Labor Day, Mon 4th, Kiwi Bingo kicks into high Gear with their Mini Accelerator games with a BIG Twist!!! $15,000 MUST BE WON!! Beginning at 6PM ET in the Cabaña Café, Kiwi Bingo will start with a $1000 game prize blackout pattern and 50 Balls to Jackpot. If this is not won, then at 6:15 PM ET $2000 GUARANTEED to go in 75 balls. 15 MEMORABLE games played every 15 Minutes at Kiwi Bingo! Wow!!

Mini Mega Mountain to be played at Kiwi Bingo on Sunday Sept 3rd from 8-9PM ET in the Liberty Lounge.

Fantastic Kiwi Bingo 4 day Chinese Slots Tournament – $250 Cash to 1st place: $100 to $5BBs to the next 19 runners up!!

Top 6 players in each category who have: Played the Most Cards/Most Games/Won the most games will win $150BBs,$100BBs,$50BBs & 3x$25BBs.

1 Day Team Bingo at Kiwi Bingo – Cabaña Café on Saturday the 2nd from 7-9PM ET
Our CMs will be playing “Hot Dauber” Once per shift, winner receives 25 BBs

Watch for Carol to pop into Kiwi Bingo chat with Newsletter Trivia for special BB prizes

Wowwowwow…there is no better place to be than Kiwi Labor Day weekend!!!

Author: GamesAndCasino