• Get Black Friday Savings Every Day at Imperial Bingo

    18 November 2010

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    Accepts all Players

    Black Friday, Schmlack Friday. I just found one of the best kept online bingo secrets when it comes to stretching that almighty bingo budget: the Blowout 75 Bingo Hall at Imperial Bingo.

    There I was, with time to kill and a limited budget, and I stumbled across this 24/7 online bingo room with nothing but crazy-cheap games after crazy-cheap games. Three-in-one cards for a nickel, BOGOF, speed nickels–Imperial Bingo has fun and wonderful ways to get more play for less mula. And with the holidays around the corner, I don’t have to dip into my “Sanity Fund” (aka “play online bingo cash“).

    Here’s the line-up, if you’re interested. Just head to Promotions and seek out Blowout 75 for more information:

    5 cent cards

    • 12midnight – 11am EST
    • 12noon – 5pm EST
    • 6pm – 9pm EST
    • 10pm – 12midnight EST

    1 cent cards

    • 11am – 12noon EST
    • 5pm – 6pm EST
    • 9pm – 10pm EST

    Imperial Bingo is more than just cheap thrills, I’m happy to report.Right now you can also get a 350% match on your first deposit when you put in at least $10. Every other deposit going forward will get a juicy 75% match as an Imperial Bingo thank you.