• Desperate Times...call for Desperate Bingo

    20 October 2010

    NewspaperDesperate Housewives Bingo
    Accepts all Players

    Since we can all still legitimately celebrate the World Bingo Network birthday for another week, I thought I’d peruse the other fun promotions offered by this award-winning bingo group. And what I found both shocked and amused me.

    USA Bingo
    Accepts all Players

    In the heat of passion, some people scream Hallelujah. Some shout names they should (and some they shouldn’t). And some people wake the neighbors with a frantic howling of…BINGO! If this sounds even a little bit like you, you will definitely enjoy the Desperate Lounges offered by the USA Bingo, Bingo Workz and Desperate Housewives bingo halls. Do you have an itch for some forbidden fruit (aka “Cash”)? Would enjoy watching a pattern lose its spots and put your $1 bills to good use?

    Accepts all Players

    And speaking of $1 bills, the Desperate Lounge also has a great Dirty Dancing for Dollars game that features a dollar sign pattern. All winners get placed into a drawing where four people come away with $50 in cash and one person gets $100!

    Here’s the list of the Desperate Lounge’s Dirty Deeds:

    • $10,000 Pleasure Pots (doesn’t that just SOUND sinful…ly fun?)
    • Strip Tease Game (Every Saturday night at 10:30pm)
    • Tie Me Up Tournament (All day Tuesday)
    • Dirty Dancing for Dollars (Drawings held at 8pm on Fridays)

    Get down and double your delight with these hot bingo games and promotions. Who knows? You might just get lucky!

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