Couple Hit the Love Jackpot with Jackpotjoy's Online Bingo

25 June 2006

(PRWEB) June 25, 2006 — Nowadays the internet plays an integral part in just about everybody’s lives and people are using the net for an ever-growing number of reasons. Therefore it came as no surprise when the internet played a major role in bringing two regular people together – dating sites have been doing this already for some time now. What was slightly irregular was that Carl 32, and Tracey 33 met whilst playing Bingo online.

The gaming website at the heart of this love match was in fact, an online Bingo site.

Initially, Jackpotjoy decided to launch a Valentines Day Promotion in the style of Blind Date with the idea of attracting new members to their online bingo game.

Boasting an array of online games ranging from bingo to keno, members can claim an instant 100% bonus once they have registered. In keeping with their reputation of being a user-friendly online casino, Jackpotjoy decided to utilise their online chatroom where the Blind Date game was to take place.

The chatroom played a pivotal role in the bingo game where the players were able to ask their opponents romantic questions.

Carl’s first question to Tracey was: ‘If you were a Pot Noodle, what flavour would you be?’; Tracey’s answer: ‘Hot and Spicy of course!’

As it turned out this chance meeting would never have happened if Tracey hadn’t seen the link sent to her by Jackpotjoy’s gaming host Bev (their very own Cilla).

So with Jackpotjoy having initiated the couples’ meeting, the rest was up to them. Their first date was to take place in London on neutral ground, but with Tracey’s father being slightly hesitant about the whole thing, Carl agreed to go round and meet the family.

Unfortunately for Carl, this coincided with a family party. So instead of just meeting the folks, he ended up meeting seventy of Tracey’s family including her two children.

Luckily for Carl he received everyone’s blessing and they eventually made it to London, where Tracey tells us: ‘It was love at first sight! It was amazing, totally amazing’. She puts the fact they get on so well down to: ‘Having fun, that’s the main thing’. Carl backs this up by saying: ‘She’s just a happy smiling person and she’s great to have around’

And so began the start of what has fast become the talking point of Jackpotjoy bingo who not only give their players the opportunity to win huge jackpots, but also help them find love.

Jackpotjoy offers a ‘gaming community’ where people can have fun, make friends and generally enjoy themselves in a relaxed, no pressure environment. If you happen to find love on the way it’s like winning your very own lottery. Carl and Tracey can both attest to this as the couple are now living together and are hoping to move to a larger house soon. So it begs the question: do they still play Jackpotjoy bingo, the game that initially bought them together? ‘We play against each other now!’ Tracey tells us. With Carl adding: ‘We’ve got separate Jackpotjoy accounts, and Tracey plays a lot more than me’. Tracey admits to being good at Roulette and Spinning for Gold slots, whereas Carl’s favourite is still online bingo. ‘It’s the best online’ Carl claims, and as he markets bingo websites for a living he should know!

Thanks to the ever-growing number of people who take part in both pay-to-play and free online games, Carl and Tracey have managed to expand their social circle by meeting up with other Jackpotjoy users. And with people from all over the world taking part, you could find yourself playing Lotto against people as far away as Florida.

However if you don’t want to play bingo, Jackpotjoy offers the chance to ‘play the slots’ with an array of different slot machine games such as High 5 and Lucky 7′s.

So, whatever your gaming ability jackpotjoy has the right game for you. Thanks to Jackpotjoy Tracey and Carl are the happiest they’ve ever been, and if they hadn’t taken a gamble on love none of this would have been made possible.

Source: prweb

Author: GamesAndCasino