• Bingo Sky's Saturday Night Tournament Is A “Must Play” Event

    24 January 2014


    Bingo Sky has all but given you an order to take part in one of the best promotions they offer. It’s called the “Must Play Binigo Tourney” and though members are not required to play in this event, Bingo Sky is making sure that you know it is a very good idea to get involved. The Must Play Bingo Tourney goes on for four hours every Saturday night in Bingo Sky’s special Tourney Room. The event offers thousands of dollars of prizes in each of the hours.

    Bingo Sky is one of our top recommended bingo rooms that also accept players from USA (and other parts of the world).

    The Tourney starts at 01:00 GMT, and will include as many as seven games in each hour. The action begins with The “Top of the Hour” three-part game. The first of the three parts is worth $25 and the second part is worth $50. The biggest money in the game comes in the Coverall, which is valued at $1,000 Guaranteed!

    Games 2 and 3 are also three-part games, with values of $25 and $50 for the first two parts and $250 Guaranteed for the Coverall. Game 4 of the Must Play Bingo Tourney is considered the “Mid-Hour” game. It has a starting value of $150, but that total will go up because the player wagers are added to the prize pool.

    The remaining time in the hour is filled with three three-part games. Each one of them offers $250 for the Coverall. Each of these games offers $25 for the first part, $50 for the second part and concludes with a Coverall that is worth $250 Guaranteed.

    The Must Play Bingo Tourney games then continue for three more hours, utilizing the same format in each of the hours. So Bingo Sky gives you dozens of chances to win during this tournament while offering a total of nearly $12,000 in total prizes!

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