Bingo Gala Progressive Jackpot Won

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It’s April and with it you have your good days; spring time weather and April Fool’s day and of course your bad days like tax day. For Bingo Gala player “BingoDuck” however there is one more day on the celebrate side of the month, April 27th!

On this day, BingoDuck won the Club 75 progressive jackpot and pocketed a cool $5,270!! Of course the bingo hall was abuzz with congratulatory messages and some wishing it was them that had that lucky card as the jackpot was won playing the “Y” pattern at Club 75 Hall.

No worries for the rest of us however, even though the Club 75 jackpot has been reset there are nine other online bingo progressive jackpots at Bingo Gala just waiting to be hit. All total there are $25,000 worth of jackpots waiting to be claimed.

You can play with confidence at Bingo Gala as well. They are one of the oldest online bingo halls around as this year will be 10 years in operation. You can also enjoy a little slots, Pull Tab and Keno action on the side. If you’re new they have a great deposit bonus as well as fantastic loyalty programs for existing players.

Maybe it is time for you to win a jackpot?

Author: GamesAndCasino