• Bingo Gala Easter Promotions

    27 March 2010


    Bingo Gala is giving away $5000 in their Easter Cash Bonanza!!! So if you want to play bingo on the holiday this is where you should be.

    This is not only good for Easter Sunday but starts on Good Friday! They are having some $250 MUST go playing twice a day from Good Friday through Easter Monday. These will go in 75 calls or less.

    If you love collecting then you will love Gala’s Easter Egg collecting competition. These will be played in Club 75, and be played from March 26th until April 5th!! These egg patterns will play randomly through the day. The winners are as follows:
    Red Easter Eggs
    1st place: 100 BBs, 2nd Place: 50 BBs, 3rd place: 25 BBs

    Green Easter Eggs
    1st place: 50 BBs, 2nd Place: 25 BBs, 3rd place: 15 BBs

    Yellow Easter Eggs
    1st place: 25 BBs, 2nd Place: 15 BBs, 3rd place: 10 BBs

    90 Ball Bingo
    Every single day between now and April 5th, make sure you visit the Club 90 room and try your luck at the Lucky 100 game with a guaranteed prize of at least $100 and a $500 Jackpot for only 15c per card.

    Also in the Club 90 room try hunting down that Golden Egg with a guaranteed prize of at least $35 and a $500 Jackpot playing 7 times a night for only 8c a card.

    For Good Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Easter Monday,Bingo Gala will be hosting Must Go $250 Full House Jackpots in 90 calls or less for only 25c per card! Your really don’t’ want to miss these!!

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