• Astro Bingo Specials

    30 August 2005


    August 30 (Tuesday)

    At ASTRO BINGO USA games PJP calling criteria adjusted to Zodiac setting

    All games will be adjusted to have the same progressive jackpot winning frequency of 1 to 10 days as in the Zodiac games. The ASTRO BINGO USA Progressive JP is reaching $4000. It is for sure the jackpot will be won within a week, will you be the lucky winner?

    August 31 (Wednesday)

    ‘1tg’ Prize Schedule in USA and Tuitti Fruity halls

    Are you aware of that the ‘1tg’ prizes in both ASTRO BINGO‘S USA and Tuitti Fruity halls are offered for the coveralls at standard hours, 7 days a week. No more confusion, no more fuss, are the prizes are fully automatically offered to you. The 1tg prize will be awarded to you even you have the card for FREE from the FREE CARD Program.

    September 1 (Thursday)

    All ASTRO BINGO Members will receive 17% for LIFE referral credits from the new traffic you have introduced in the month of September.

    Septmber 3 (Saturday)

    $1000 jackpot in USA
    $1000 ‘must go’ jackpot, given away in one single game at the top of the hour at 9pm.

    Card price is $1.00 each.
    Buy 10 get 5 FREE.

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