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Why do we list a currency exchange site here? Because it has a lot in common with Poker and Sports betting. There is an element of luck and an element of skill. The more you play, the bigger the element of skill becomes and the smaller the element of luck becomes. You can learn for free, the site provides free person to person guidance. You can bet very little and make big profits. The International Currency Exchange rates fluctuate all the time. You simply bet on whether they go up or down.

Read the text below carefully, it explains how you can bet a tiny amount and make a great win. We have also provided pages with the Easy Forex Platform, a Weekly Market Review and the Daily Currency Review.  To help in case you want to get down and dirty, we have includes a bunch of articles that will explain everything you need to know about Forex international currency trade online.

When reading our Forex articles you will learn all about Buying and Selling, when to Trade or not to Trade, what Types of Orders exist, How to Start your Account, how to do a Tech Analysis of Forex, what Types of Forex trades there are, How to do a Fundamental Analysis, the general Forex Market Philosophy and of course the Forex Regulations.You don't really need to know all of this if you use the Easy Forex Platform, but it surely can't hurt to be fully educated so we provide these for you to educate yourself further.

Good luck and have fun!

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Forex? What is it, anyway?

The market

The currency trading (FOREX) market is the largest and most quickly growing market there is. It turns over more than 2.5 trillion dollars daily. This is 100 times more than the daily turnover NASDAQ brings. (click here to read a complete market explanation by Easy-Forex™).
Markets are designed to trade goods of various descriptions. The same applies to FOREX. The Forex trade objects are the currencies of numerous countries. For instance, you could buy Euros and pay with US dollars, or you might sell Japanese Yens and buy Canadian dollars. It's that easy.

So how do I profit with Forex?

That's easy, same as the Stock Market: buy when a currency is cheap and sell it at a profit! The profit is reults because the currency exchange market, fluctuates just like the stock market, the values go constantly up and down.

What sets the FOREX market apart is that the usual daily fluctuations, like about 1%, are multiplied by 100! (basically, Easy-Forex™ offers trading ratios from 1:50 to 1:200). That measn that if the exchange rate of your pair of currencies increased by 0.6% in the last 4 hours, your profit will be 60% on your investment! This sort of thing can happen within one business day, or even within a few hours or even minutes!
The best thing is that you cannot lose more than your "margin"! You can profit unlimited amounts, but you can never lose more than your initial investment.

It doesn't matter whether your pair of currencies is going up or down in value, you can pick a trend and make a profit. Regardless of fluctuations, you can always decide to buy Euro and sell dollar, or vice versa - buy dollar and sell Euro. Of course you don't actually have to physically own any currencies to buy or sell them.

How do I get started?
Register Easy-Forex™ has a really simple and fast registration process and there is no obligation. When you are ready, deposit your first trading "margin" amount (credit cards are welcome at Easy-Forex™); start trading.

It couldn't be any easier than that. If you need any help, we provide you with 1-on-1 training and service, for as longs as you want. (Easy-Forex™ offers real people service, live, in your own language).

How does trading at Forex work?
You pick the pair of currencies you want to trade at Forex. You decide how much to trade ( the volume ). You deposit the "margin" (the amount needed to fund the deal ). This is generally just a very small portion of the actual deal, such as 1% or 1:100.
Another neat feature is that you can "freeze" the deal for a bit before actually activating it. This way you can either change the terms, or accept them, or change your mind about the whole thing. The "freeze" feature is unique to Easy-Forex™.
Once your Forex deal is live (you hold an "open position"), you can watch its status and check on trends online any time you like. You can change some terms or close it and cash the profit. Or, if it seems you might lose, you can now minimize the loss. And that's not all! Easy-Forex™ lets you set a "take-profit" rate. That way the deal will close automatically if and when the rate you picked happens in the market. That means that you do'nt have to stay near your computer and watch what happens.
You can get more training for free! I want to learn more We'll be glad to guide you, every step of the way.

Good luck!

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