• Instant pay is the hottest thing going these days for the online casino player. A select group of casinos has begun to establish trust and retain players by offering an instant pay-out option, or more commonly known as an instant withdraw, for their winnings. By getting your winnings paid out immediately, they have eliminated the hassle of your waiting for days to get paid.

    Below are the casino's that Games and Casino recommendeds that currently offer the instant withdraw option.

    Please Note: Unfortunately instant payments are not available for US players at this time.

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    The Following Microgaming Casinos Accept U.S. Based Players with exemptions for those who live in the following U.S. States: Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Nevada, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Michigan, New York, New Jersey and Wisconsin.

    Challenge Casino

    Music Hall Casino

    Golden Reef Casino

    Nostalgia Casino

    UK Casino Club Casino

    Hold on to your hats, because Neteller is taking charge on the quick cash-out scene in online casino cash outs. After your first try with the instant cash-out option, it can be as easy as one, two, three, and your cash-out is in your Neteller account before you know it.

    The newest and most welcome addition to online banking is Instant Payments. The concept of a fast cashout was practically non-existent until the Instant Payment option was introduced. The inventor of instant payouts is doomed to remain anonymous here, but player reaction to a fast cashout could be heard around the whole wide web. Instant Payouts? There's such a thing as a fast cashout at an online casino? Yes, there is! Get ready world, Instant Payments are here!

    Instant Payment lets the player receive a fast cashout on their withdrawal. To use Instant Payment you have to:

    • Have a real account
    • Satisfy Terms and Conditions of Casino and Instant Payment (proof of ID, wagering requirements, etc)
    • Hold a valid Neteller account
    • Make a minimum purchase to your Casino Account via same Neteller account the Instant Payment will be processed back to. Minimum purchase varies according to VIP Level. Make sure to ask for terms and conditions before processing an instant payout.

    Ok, everything's in order and you're ready to make the first of many Instant Payments. From the banking page:

    • Click on the withdrawal button.
    • Enter your withdrawal amount. Your balance summary will display on the screen giving you the total amount allowed for withdrawal and instant payment.
    • Choose your withdrawal method. Remember, Instant Payment requires pay back into your Neteller account so this is automatically set to Neteller.
    • Click to submit withdrawal. You will receive a confirmation onscreen.
    • Click on Instant Payments button.
    • Click on Transaction number
    • Approve withdrawal amount
    • Scroll down; visually confirm transactions and click submit.

    Then just sit back and wait for that instant payout to hit your Neteller account! The Instant Payments process can be confusing on your first attempt but a fast cashout helps overcome the intimidation factor. Congratulations!! You've just processed your first Instant Payment. May it be the first in a very long line of instant payouts!