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    Las Vegas Dreams.

    5 reel, 9 payline.

    Coin size ranges from 1 cent up to $1.00 per line.

    There is a lot of action to be found in Las Vegas Dreams!

    There are three types of horseshoes that will build your Bonus Jackpot each time they appear on the screen.

    The red horseshoes raise the top level Jackpot, the orange horseshoes raise the middle jackpot level and the yellow horseshoes raise the lowest jackpot level.

    The points in the horseshoes are determined by your bet amount.

    The red horse shoe is 2 times your bet and the orange and yellow horseshoe points are one times your bet.

    The horseshoes can appear anywhere on the reels, and as you play and spin up the horseshoes, the point total of the shoes are added to the Bonus Jackpot total that displays in the horseshoe on the upper right section of the screen.

    Scatter symbols pays

    The larger the bet, the faster and higher your point totals will build in the Bonus Jackpot and you can bet up to 9 coins per line.

    The wild symbol in this game is a cowboy hat and if it’s included in a winning pay line it doubles your winnings. It does not double the points in a horseshoe.

    Line up three Wheel of Fortune symbols and you go to the Wheel of Fortune bonus round where you will play for the total points you’ve accumulated for the Bonus Jackpot!

    Depending on which Jackpot you hit on the wheel determines which jackpot you win.

    All levels are available to be won in the bonus round. In the screen shot above, the yellow jackpot wins the yellow Bonus Jackpot total.

    You have the option of accepting the spin and total points won or spinning again.

    If you spin again, 4 bankrupts are added to the wheel, placed quarter wheel distance apart starting at the wheel pointer. So if you are on the yellow jackpot and think you might want to go for the red jackpot, think again! Because of the placement of the pointer, the bankrupts will be added on top of the jackpot symbols.

    If you bankrupt, you receive a consolation prize that you can accept or try to double. With Las Vegas Dreams, it just goes to show sometimes Dreams really do come true!

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