Is This the Year Congress Regulates Online Gambling?

More rumors? More hope? Possibly, but it seems there is a chance that a bill that seeks to legalize online gambling in the United States could be headed to Congress by year end. It seems the momentum is building towards federal legislation with online poker leading the way.

According to Roger Gross who is the publisher for Global Gaming Business magazine, the only issue will be how it is structured. Gross was quoted as saying, ““I think there is becoming a feeling in Congress that this is something that needs to be regulated and be done. I believe there is a possibility a bill will pass towards the end of the year.”

Lately there has been increase in pressure in Washington starting with the Senator Harry Reid and Jon Kyle asking the Justice Department to stop the state’s efforts in trying to legalize online gambling. Las Vegas Sands and Caesars have been very vocal as of late calling for federal regulation and shoring up deals with big online gambling software providers.

Even during the debt ceiling debate last month Senator Jay Rockefeller proposed regulating online gambling and his estimates were it would raise an estimated $41.8 billion over 10 years, and an estimated additional $30 billion for states.

There are bills currently in Congress that could be ready to go to a vote by end of year. Those who are proponents of gambling online have been in this spot before though. Waiting and hoping that this year will be the year Washington steps up and follows through on the rumors. Maybe this year…

Author: GamesAndCasino