07 May 2006


    The word is out. More and more webmasters are joining forces in publicly condemning 888.com for unethical business practices. Blacklists are appearing all over the web denouncing 888.com not just for site scraping and content theft but for other unethical business practices as well.

    To acquaint yourself with the reasons behind the blacklisting of 888.com/Casino-on-Net, start with the threads at Casinomeister Forum and the forum at CasinoAffiliatePrograms (CAP)

    In spite of repeated efforts by CasinoAffliatePrograms.com, 888.com/Casino-on-Net refused to acknowledge their involvement or even respond, leading to 888 Casino’s Certification Revoked on CasinoAffiliatePrograms.com

    888 has refused to enter into any discussion and stated they are not interested in a resolution at this time. They obviously aren’t interested in ethical business practices, they have no problem stealing content, they market their casinos in an underhanded manner, they are aware of the damage they are causing to the very industry they market… not interested in a resolutoin at this time?? What else should we have expected.

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