VFW WebCOM And APCW Plan For US Vets Future

The Association of Players, Casinos and Webmasters (APCW) has been seeking viable ways to bring online gaming back to America in a legal and regulated format for the past several months. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that the APCW can now officially announces our working partnership with the Veterans of Foreign Wars Webcom Network to identify and explore how the charitable online gaming model can accomplish this, while simultaneously creating a dedicated revenue stream for the Veterans Administration.

This cooperation places the APCW in a leadership role to help construct the business and legislative strategies which could bring legal and regulated online gaming to the United States. The Veterans Service Organizations would greatly benefit from the charitable gaming model, much like state lotteries have helped to fund education, especially in light of proposed budget cuts to their benefits and with a growing veteran population which already numbers several million.

The logistics and details are currently still in the discussion phase on Veterans blogs and forums, and at the APCW blog and message board. We encourage all who have an interest in online gaming to participate in the discussion process. Details can be found at www.APCW.org.

Author: GamesAndCasino