Spinomenal Joined Forces with Bragg Gaming Group


In an exciting twist to the iGaming narrative, industry titan Spinomenal has declared the enhancement of its alliance with the esteemed Bragg Gaming Group. This collaboration is not just another page in the business chapter; it's a whole new storybook.

Expansion Across Prime Territories

While both names individually have made their marks in the global gaming arena, this renewed partnership is set to redefine the boundaries. Spinomenal's rich content palette will now augment the existing slot offerings of Bragg, predominantly in strategic regulated terrains such as the United Kingdom, Croatia, Romania, and the Netherlands, among others. This is not merely an expansion; it’s a conquest.

Yet, what has the industry buzzing with anticipation is the unveiling of the ‘Spinomenal Universe’ within Bragg’s prestigious network. Imagine an innovative dimension where each spin, each click, each game is an adventure. This mesmerizing universe invites enthusiasts to embark on a journey of discovery, venturing into territories where iconic characters from diverse series intertwine, creating fresh and captivating plots.

Crossing Paths in A Digital Wonderland

Dive deep, and you'll witness scenarios you never dreamt possible. Heroes and heroines from different stories will meet, clash, collaborate, and craft tales so enthralling, gamers will be glued to their screens. With this collaboration, Spinomenal and Bragg Gaming Group ensure that the gaming world will never be the same.

The significance of this partnership goes beyond business metrics. It's about shaping the future of iGaming, setting standards, and curating experiences that are not just memorable but transformative. As the horizon of digital entertainment expands, both Spinomenal and Bragg are gearing up to be its pioneers.

The Spinomenal-Bragg alliance is not just a business strategy; it's a vision. A vision of unparalleled gaming experiences, of narratives that linger, and of a digital realm that redefines the very essence of iGaming. For players, enthusiasts, and stakeholders, this is the beginning of an epoch that promises thrills, innovation, and a gaming renaissance.

Lior Shvartz, CEO for Spinomenal commented: “We’re very pleased to extend our alliance with Bragg Gaming Group, a true pioneer in the industry. Bragg’s ability to swiftly and effortlessly roll out games in key regulated markets means we can ensure even more players can enjoy our titles.”

Ivica Jovanovski, Head of Aggregation at Bragg Gaming Group added: “The Spinonemal portfolio of premium games brings a new layer of choice to Bragg’s aggregation customers, and is in line with our strategy of offering the very best in localized and differentiated online casino content in multiple regulated jurisdictions.”

Source: “Spinomenal extends distribution deal with Bragg Gaming Group”. Spinomenal. October 23, 2023.

By Ivan Stefanovic