• South Carolina's anti-gambling law under scrutiny

    01 April 2009


    You know you’re in for a wild night, when a Committee Chairman starts things off with a statement such as “I guess since we’re in Greenville, we need to start with a short prayer. We didn’t do that in Charleston.”, which is exactly how this meeting was kicked off by Robert Ford, a democratic senator from Charleston, SC.

    He had meant his statement to be a joke, but some people actually took offense. Go figure..

    South Caronlina has had this anti-gambling law on the books for over 2 centuries. Yes, you read it right. The law was passed way back yonder at the beginning of the 19th century – 1802, so you can imagine why it needs to either be overturned or at the very least, updated.

    For example, even non-profit raffles are no longer legal, as of 2 years ago. A grant writer for a Catholic School was in attendance, and pointed out that raffles would help them raise money for low income students so that they could attend their school, which has a 96% graduation rate. This spokesman, Joe Vilardo, seemed to be pleading with the committee when he said “Please allow us to raise this extra money that we so badly need.”

    On the flip side, South Carolina has lotteries which helps fund Universities and other state programs..

    In my opinion, they need to drop this inane & outdated law, and pass one that’s actually in tune with the needs of today – the 21st century.