SoftSwiss Agrees with N1 Partners Group


SoftSwiss, a leading casino provider, enabled casino providers to have an unlimited number of jackpots simultaneously through the launch of its jackpot aggregator, which will allow clients to scale their business. The company recently signed a collaboration with N1 Partners Group and according to the deal, the Group has begun connecting its casinos to the SoftSwiss Jackpot Aggregator. This gained N1 access to the unique jackpot system. This allows clients to play jackpots several jackpots at the same time in different casinos.

Making a Positive Impact on Punters

N1 Partners Group is pleased to partner with leading brands such as SoftSwiss. It is confident that this will significantly increase its presence in the iGaming industry!

Ivan Montik, Founder ofSoftSwiss, said: “N1 Partners Group is a longstanding and trusted partner of SoftSwiss, therefore, we are very pleased that exactly this company has become the first client of our new SoftSwissJackpot Aggregator. This product incorporates innovations from the gambling world with the needs of our clients and thus becomes a reliable and irreplaceable player interest tool.

Yaroslav Laptev, Chief Product Officer of N1 Partners Group, added: “We are confident that connecting to the SoftSwissJackpot Aggregator will bring our projects to the next level: players can participate in jackpot draws by playing their favorite online casino games. It is worth mentioning that we have already seen interest from players in the new solution, as well as the growth of a new audience at our projects.”

A Little More on the Provider

SoftSwiss is an online casino operator that delivers high-quality solutions for the online gambling industry. The firm was founded in 2008 and today it has over 500 employees who create high-quality products for clients across the globe. The company extended its offer, and nowadays provides important consulting services and software solutions to leading casino brands. Its software can be used as a complete casino solution or integrated with an existing casino platform. It provides fast, reliable, and quality content translated into over 20 languages worldwide, and their content can also be used in traditional land-based casinos. It offers its casino solutions on a large scale and in different international markets, while also accepting payments in multiple currencies. Its premium gaming package offers a wide range of popular casino content including blackjack, slots, baccarat, and more.

Source: “SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator announces its first partnership with N1 Partners Group”. SoftSwiss. October 2017.

By Ivan Stefanovic