Slotegrator Launches Moneygrator Unified Payment Solution


One of the chokepoints that can really make or break an online casino player's experience is the financial transaction side of things. Each site seems to have a different set of banking options, and while most of the major payment methods are available at most sites, it's not always the most flexible set of choices. Slotegrator has recently launched a new product that they think will greatly simplify this side of the industry with their Moneygrator unified payment solution.

How Moneygrator Works

Moneygrator works by tying together lots of different payment options, including many of the most popular options out there in the industry today, all in one place under one umbrella. This would allow online casino sites to simply use this payment solution to give players access to a wide range of banking methods. This list includes big names like Neteller, Skrill, Cubits, RoyalPay, BitGo and plenty of others. It helps sites by removing the need for them to deal with payment processors directly, and that saves a ton of time and resources.

Cryptocurrency Friendly

Another important part of this product is that it's very crypto-friendly. A total of over 15 different cryptocurrencies are available through this unified payment system, and that includes bitcoin (of course), ripple, ethereum, monero and a variety of others. With so many more people using crypto for deposits and withdrawals, and with every indication being that this trend is going to continue upward for quite a while, it's great to see that they are integrating these options as key components of their overall payment solution that they are offering as a whole to casino sites.

Where This Could Lead

What we like to see is solutions that make things easier on everyone, including the casinos and the players. Moneygrator definitely looks like it could do this because it helps everyone involved. It helps the casino sites by giving them one comprehensive package to use for their deposit and withdrawal methods, and it helps players by putting them in a position where they have more options for banking and making payments. Whether this will catch on or not will just depend on how things go, and the industry can be a little weird sometimes when it comes to something big catching on.


Press Release, Slotegrator presents its new product Moneygrator - a unified payment solution for online casino, April 12, 2018

By Jesse Eddleman