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    23 November 2006


    (PRWEB) November 23, 2006 — TheRXCasinos.com, the first in a series of new online gambling portal Web sites from TheRX.com, announces its Web site launch today.

    The well-established sports information Web site, TheRX.com promises its new Web site, TheRXCasinos.com to be the first of a sequence of new Web sites set to expand upon TheRX.com’s success, with each new site having its own distinct focus.

    As the name suggests, TheRXCasinos.com will center itself upon the online casino industry. Features of the new Web site include up-to-the minute online gambling news and interviews with leaders of the online gambling industry. I-gaming attorney, Martin Owens will provide regular columns, and will answer questions pertaining to the rapidly changing online gambling legal landscape.

    TheRXCasinos.com seeks to create a true feeling of community. To reach this goal, TheRXCasinos.com offers member discussion forums and chat rooms. Additionally, members of TheRXCasinos.com can create their own personal gambling-related blog. Helping to encourage bloggers will be the weekly and monthly cash prizes for the “Best Blog.”

    Debbee Silverman, TheRXCasinos.com manager states, “We want our visitors to feel as if they’re at home, hanging out with friends at TheRXCasinos.com. We’d like our members to have a better understanding of the online gambling industry, who the important ‘movers and shakers’ are, and what makes the industry ‘tick.’ And of course, we want our members to have fun, so our frequent casino tournaments and on-site competitions should ensure a great experience.”

    To learn more about TheRXCasinos.com and to become a member, visit www.TheRXCasinos.com. Membership is free.

    About TheRXCasinos.com
    A subsidiary of successful online sports gambling portal TheRX.com, TheRX Casinos.com serves as a universal online gambling portal and informational resource for gamblers worldwide. Built to encourage greater player interaction, TheRXCasinos.com provides online gamblers with a broader understanding of the online casino industry through discussions and industry news. Members of TheRXCasinos.com can choose from a vast number of gambling sites and have more direct contact with other players than previously possible.

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