• The Role of Technology in Online Gambling

    10 September 2012


    I know, I know, it should go without saying that technology is vital to online gambling. After all, what is online gambling without the ability to get online, to play virtually anywhere, and to access some of the most sophisticated networks and security options the world has known?

    What’s interesting is not that online gambling needs technology, but rather how technology shapes and drives online gambling as it evolves. Where online gambling erupted with the birth of the Internet, now mobile online casinos are producing apps on every mobile device, capable of instant access to player accounts, loyalty points, favorite games, tournaments, and more. Forget playing slots online in your pajamas. Now you can do it in the elevator on your way to work.

    With one-fifth of all video-game players playing in the mobile arena, online casinos and operators are taking the hint. More and more online casinos are offering at least a limited menu of games to nearly every device from iPhones to Droids, hoping to get their customers more access to the games they love.

    The possibility of legalized online gambling in the United States only heightens the stakes. As the restaurant sector is discovering, mobile apps have proven to attract new customers, build current customer loyalty, and boost spending. The benefits of increased mobile gambling will also likely meet with the same roadblocks that online gambling continues to struggle with, especially in terms of regulation, age-restrictions, addiction flags and help, and general damage control.

    As more and more sectors move into the mobile arena, mobile online casinos will not only have to compete with mobile restaurant, mobile shopping, and mobile education apps, but they will also have to compete with each other. And the software that can produce the most entertaining, interactive, and intuitive mobile gaming apps will likely emerge the winner.

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