RIP Spearmaster - Ted Loh

Ted Loh - Spearmaster

Guys, I am just about speechless.

Earlier this week, Spearmaster, Ted Loh, passed away after a struggle with cancer.

Ted is well known in the industry. He was the first affiliate I ever met in person, and he made me feel welcome.

Ted was outspoken and straight forward. He spoke his mind, even in situations where most people didn’t share his views. And guess what, time usually proved him right.

Ted’s forthrightness was refreshing and I always sought him out when we happened to be in the same town, and I always read every post he made at forums carefully.

His passing, so soon after Lou and Allan, is leaving me in shock.

These three people were pillars of our industry. While all three were sometimes controversial, they helped set a norm for the affiliate industry.

We still have our struggles, but they are nothing compared to what things would be like if there wasn’t a set norm.

Thank you, Ted, I will miss you very much and your contributions will not be forgotten!

It has come to my attention that Ted had no health insurance and his battle with cancer ate up his funds. He leaves behind a wife and three school age children.

I know there have been a lot of fund raisers as of late, but please find it in your heart to give a little. Every penny literally counts.

Please click on this link to donate:

Please donate here Ted Loh Family Relief Fund

Author: GamesAndCasino