• Reasons to Appose the Internet Gambling Ban

    02 January 2008


    Reasons to Appose the Internet Gambling Ban

    Lots of things have happened this past year with Internet Gambling. We are watching to see what will happen in 2008.  You don’t hear or see much of this on TV, or in the newspapers, why we ask? Could it be the Government does not want the US citizens to know what they are doing behind our back? The only news you will see on this is on the internet. In December, the United States settled a trade dispute several Big Countries over the recently enacted Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.

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    Big problems with this law is it carves out exemptions for some forms of gambling, with state lotteries and domestic horse racing, and banning most other forms, mostly poker, one of the most popular forms of online wagering.

    Being the most online poker sites are all based overseas, where online gambling is legal. This caused the trade dispute between the U.S. and most of the rest of the western world.


    “The U.S. Trade Office won’t release the terms of the settlement—an odd development itself, given that the settlement involves U.S. tax dollars, was negotiated by employees of the U.S. government, and isn’t likely to involve any information related to national security. But most experts believe that given the immense popularity of online poker, and the fact that America is home not only to most of the world’s poker players but also the wealthiest, the settlement was likely in the tens of billions of dollars.”

    Look at the tiny island of Antigua, it has challenged the U.S., and won all the way.

    Reasons to Appose the Internet Gambling Ban :

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    Last week, just days after the U.S. settlement with Europe, Japan, and Canada, the WTO awarded Antigua $21 million in annual reparations for losses to the Antiguan economy caused by the American ban on Internet gambling. Because tariffs on U.S. goods would hurt the Antiguan economy far more than the U.S. economy, the WTO gave the okay for Antigua to recoup its losses in the form of copyright infringement, essentially making the country a haven for movie, music, and software piracy.”

    Read this entire article here and judge for yourselves!!


    Don’t let the Government continue to seek increasingly broad powers to get its way.
    And take more of our freedom away!!