• Progressive Jackpot Over $120K on 3D Online Casino

    18 February 2009


    The all new Single Pay Line Sot-O-Matic is becoming more and more popular. With jackpots like this I can see why. Technology is always changing and most of the time for the better.

    News Release:

    18 February 2009 (London, UK) – The progressive jackpot at 3D online casino, has just gone over $120,000 (€97K). It’s only a month since an Italian player hit the WinADay.com jackpot for $120K but if the new three-dimensional casino is anything like its sister casino, Slotland.com, that makes it well due for another hit.

    WinADay.com’s 3D lobby and animated casino staff create a unique online casino experience.  Greeted at the door by the animated casino staff, they are ushered into the main casino lobby.  Casino service staff like Pete the Pit Boss, Barry the Bartender, Bill the Banker, Amanda the Administrative Assistant and Sam the Security Man help players enjoy the six absolutely unique slots and video poker games waiting for them there.

    Last month, an Italian player known as Monica68 won €116,200 ($148,724) while playing Wheeler Dealer, one of the five unique slot machines at the three dimensional casino site. This was the first progressive jackpot win at the new site. It was reset to $30,000 and has been increasing steadily ever since.

    Since launching last year, WinADay.com has added three more unique slot machines and now offers six one-of-a-kind games. While their game designers let their imaginations go wild on the first four games, the back-to-basics approach to the latest game, Slot-O-Matic, is proving very popular with players.

    “We only launched Slot-O-Matic a few weeks ago and already it’s one of our most popular games!” said WinADay.com manager Ondrej Tuma. “While some players like more complicated games with multiple pay lines and options we’ve found that lots of them like to take it easy.”

    The most recently added game, Slot-O-Matic, is an easy one payline, three-button slot machine while the recently launched Heavenly Reels is a four pay line slot adorned with heavenly cherubs and with angel wings that appeals to strategic slots players since. Gold Boom is a 9-wheel, 6-pay line slot machine that offers free bonus spins and awesome payouts. 

    WinADay.com games are all instant-play, no-download Flash games. There’s nothing for players to download or install – they are in the 3D casino lobby, ready to play, in seconds.  All games are original, built using proprietary software only available at WinADay.com and they’re all tied to one progressive jackpot pool.

    Head on over to WinADay or Slotland and get your piece of the pie. Try these new slots out for yourself, you could be the next big winner!

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