• Progressive Jackpot Major Millions Hitting Below Normal

    13 October 2009


    The big question on the minds of progressive jackpot online slot game high rollers is: are recent events just an aberration or is it a changing in the game. Two of Microgaming’s biggest online PJP slots have recently been hit for far less than their normal averages. The two games hit this month are Major Millions and Mega Moolah.

    Major Millions hit a few days ago for just over $300,000. A great hit until you consider that after it opened in 2002, it hit for $1.5 million, and has hit for over a million dollars several times since then. The last time it was hit for over a million dollars was early in 2008. Since then, the jackpots have been steadily declining. The average payout for the last year has been a shade over $500,000.

    Mega Moolah saw payouts grow from $4 million to $6 million in the last two years. However, the last two times it was hit, it paid out only $1.2 million.

    PJP players like to enter the progressive jackpot slot games when the jackpots have been built up close to their historic averages, because the payouts, if hit early on, just aren’t worth the players time. So they like to wait until the payout is high enough to make it worthwhile to play. Some games are holding their own as far as their average payout is concerned. But many of them are smaller games where the jackpot is just not as large and inviting as Major Millions and Mega Moolah’s are.

    If this trend keeps up, it may force a rethinking of many players’ strategies for playing the progressive jackpot slot games online.

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