• Presidential Candidate Questions US Treasury Dept About UIGEA Delays

    30 May 2007


    Presidential hopeful Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Ka) made a visit to Treasure Secretary Henry Paulson earlier this month to question him regarding what he sees as delays to the enforcement of the UIGEA, saying the drafting of regulations has dragged on for months.

    “Are they going to be committed to enforcing this law,” Brownback asked, “and putting the personnel in place that it needs.”

    Senator Brownback’s questions regarding the UIGEA, an Act passed by Congress in a shifty ‘slight of hand’ action last fall, came shortly before his discussion with 75 Christian leaders in Iowa.

    It was this same state and group Bill Frist was courting when he agreed to add a ban (UIGEA) on online gambling to his list of Family Values in exchange for the Christian coalition’s backing of his presidential campaign. Frist later gave up on the idea of making a run at the White House.

    Brownback, who stressed the importance of Christian leaders being active in defending core principals, such as being pro-life and the preservation of marriage between a man and a woman, addressed the group saying “With your commitment today, we can continue to bring back fundamental Christian principles and morals to our society that our very nation is founded upon”

    Staff Writer

    The Daily NonPareil, Council Bluffs, Iowa

    CitizenLink – Focus on the Family

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