Pokertrillion and Boss Media PR

The online poker site Pokertrillion is leaving the Boss Poker network, and is filing a law suit against Boss Media. Therefore Boss Media has had millions of Euros frozen in their accounts. So will Boss Media have enough to pay their players who decide to cash out?

That is a question everyone is asking, and how this will be settled. Pokertrillion has just released this press release. This details the reasons of the law suit.

April 12, 2008 Malta – Trillion Limited (

There have been a lot of rumors, a lot of speculation, and a lot of questions surrounding the current position between, Boss Holdings Limited and Boss Media Malta Poker Ltd. This statement seeks to clarify everything.

On Friday 11th April 2008 achieved a freezing order of the bank accounts of Boss Holdings Limited and Boss Media Malta Poker Ltd. The freezing order was executed at five of the banks where they hold accounts, and it will be executed at the reaming two banks early Monday morning. The freezing order has been made in conjunction and relating to a €45million initial law suit being taken by POKERTRILLION against Boss Media and Webdollar for alleged fraudulent, and potential criminal activities of various personnel and/or the management of Boss Media, or their associated companies in various jurisdictions including but not restricted to, Sweden and Malta.

It is anticipated that this will have a serious detrimental impact on the players who have money with Boss Media or any of its associated companies including Webdollar, because obviously the accounts have now been frozen so it is likely that when the freezing order is executed across all the Webdollar and Boss Media accounts, players will find it impossible to withdraw funds. as a small and new entrant to the market is taking a zero tolerance approach to being mistreated by Boss Media, furthermore, owing to the massive irregularities surrounding Boss Media and their handling of this led to a number of contractual issues that led to making extremely exciting and important developments in the way in which it operated its business.

Further information will be released as and when the courts give permission for to discuss such developments. In the interim, all players who hold accounts with have an unconditional and unlimited guarantee on all funds they hold through

It is highly likely, if Boss Media follows the proper code of conduct as it should do, it will have to make a full and complete disclosure to the Stockholm Stock Exchange where they are listed. This invariably will have a catastrophic effect on their share price, and may even lead to the arrest by the authorities of certain members of their management team and the possible suspension of their sharers. This in turn, would mean that players not in the stable would find their funds in serious jeopardy yet again. however is delighted that this situation has created the ability to develop some fantastic new opportunities which are to be revealed in the coming week.

Should you require any further information please contact or the judicial courts in Malta.

Author: GamesAndCasino