• The Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein Passed Egaming Legislation

    14 September 2011


    In late August, opposition parties in Schleswig-Holstein requested that its ruling on a new State gambling treaty be delayed. At the time head of fiscal policy for the Green Party, Monika Heinold stated, “The aim must be a joint state contract.”

    Two days ago, Schleswig-Holstein, delayed its vote again at the last minute. Today the Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein took the first step by approving Germany’s first egaming legislation by a slim vote of 46-45. This turns on the pressure for the countries other 15 States to reform the State Treaty that will expire soon.

    There were some firsts in the new legislation but also some gambling components left out. For the first time, sports betting will be regulated by a member of the EU. Also included were poker and most all casino games. Games left out of the regulation were baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette.

    Other key parts are:

    • The law coming into force on 1 January 2012 with licenses valid from 1 March
    • An unlimited number of licenses
    • Poker, all casino games except roulette, black jack and baccarat, exchange and sports book allowed
    • 20% gross profits tax on all products

    One of the most vocal opponents to the current German legislation as well as the way the new legislation was going had been Betfair. Today in a released statement Betfair said,

    “Betfair is committed to participating in the online gambling market in Germany, ready and willing to pay taxes there and offer German consumers competitive, innovative and safe products.”

    Now it is in the hands of the other 15 States.

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