• Online Gambling, David Carruthers and UIGEA - Dominique Speaks Out

    19 May 2007


    During a discussion on the aggressive stance David Carruthers and his legal team has undertaken in response to his arrest in connection with online gambling site BetOnSports, Games and Casino’s own Dominique expressed her views on actions, catalysts and free speech.

    “We sorely need injured parties like the UK to speak up. David C. has the right idea, he appeals to the various affected British channels.

    The EU also has a bone to pick with the US regarding this. Also, the civil liberties organizations within the US need to be approached regularly about the issue.

    Sitting there and shrugging one’s shoulders, saying:”the US is a bully and we can’t do anything to defend ourselves” is self defeating for all, US citizens and non US.

    One thing we can all still do is speak up and be heard. It’s getting a bit better on that count, at least we get coverage from main street media now.

    It’s going to be an uphill battle. David may well be a catalyst, his trial will certainly be the first time the DOJ has to actually address and push the issue in a court setting.

    The US government has been taken over by Christian fundamentalists, the same way Iran was taken over by Muslim fundamentalists.

    While I have no beef with either religion, fundamentalists in general tend to roll back human development to a medieval state. Religions in general tend to grow with the times, incorporating general human freedoms and abolishing violence as enforcement of rules. Fundamentalists roll this back to a much earlier state.

    Any group of people that fervently believes they are the only ones who hold the answers to life’s problems and enforces compliance by others is a danger to humanity.

    Doesn’t matter if they are religious fundamentalists or political fundamentalists (as in fundamentalist communism or nazism), they will ignore all other factors and stick to a bare bone, age old doctrine that destroys society as it has evolved over the centuries.

    The granting of basic human freedoms is a relatively new phenomenon in society, and overall quality of life has improved immensely because of it.

    We try not to have things like the inquisition and genocide because of the granting of individual freedoms.

    Rolling this development back is a very very dangerous proposition!

    I don’t think most US citizens are aware at all what is happening here. One by one, civil liberties are being eroded under the name of protection against terrorism. Guess what – the terrorists have won. Western societies are becoming just as fundamentalist as the radical muslims. Our freedoms are going out the window, one by one.

    The way EVERYONE can defend themselves (still) is by using free speech while we have it.

    My hat off to you, David! So much hinges on your success, not to mention your own life. I believe you are on the right track and wish you ALL the success!”

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