Online Gambling Chat Bots Coming in the Near Future


There are tons of different mobile messaging apps right now from Facebook Messenger to Skype, iMessages, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp and plenty of others. One of the features that these apps have started building in are chat bots. These are programs with algorithms that can talk to you and entertain you or provide you with information. They are able to learn over time, and it's an idea that could be used in the near future for online gambling sites.

Slotegrator and the Future of Mobile

Slotegrator is a company that specializes in different types of iGaming software, and they've recently come to the conclusion that, with the big push that mobile gaming has gotten overall, that mobile messengers aren't far behind. The idea is that they could be used to deliver special deals, information about games and customer service/support. They have identified the app Telegram as a particularly good option because of its particular set of features.

What Sets Telegram Apart

What makes Telegram apart is as much about what it's lacking than what it offers. It has no ads and no snooping since the messages and content transferred back and forth are encrypted. Moreover, you can send fairly large files over the app, and it has a very straightforward interface that's easy to use. This would make them an ideal candidate for these types of chat bots suited for online gambling purposes, such as letting people know the rules and odds of a craps game or keeping them informed of online casino bonus offers.

The Future of This Technology

This could be a great alternative and addition to current methods of providing customer service to players. The idea is that players would be able to ask the bot about different games and get real-time advice or information on odds and other details. On top of that, it could be used for help with commonly asked questions, and because these bots can use algorithms to learn, they will give better and better service over time. With the big push towards mobile that's been happening for years now, it's the natural continuation of the trend.


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Author: GamesAndCasino