Now You Can Purchase Bonuses in Wazdan’s Releases Via New Buy Feature


New gaming products are appearing on the gambling market every day, so software providers have to double their efforts to stay compatible in such a fierce environment. Some developers are always at the top of their game, standing out with their unique content, and Wazdan does that the best. The best example is its brand-new Buy Feature that aims to boost the player’s engagement.

By providing an option for purchasing bonuses in all the latest games by this premium provider, punters can trigger extra rounds instantly. It is perfect for those who wish to explore the full potential of gameplay at any time during their session.

Can’t Wait For Bonuses? With Buy Feature, You Don’t Have To!

According to the supplier...

...the new feature allows players to trigger bonuses at any point during the gameplay. Waiting for symbols to align correctly and activate the extra round can be tiring for some players. It can eat up a lot of time, and there are always the chances that the special feature won’t even be triggered at all.

Those who wish to skip a few steps can instead opt to purchase the desired feature at any moment of their choosing during their game. Buy Feature option adds an extra layer of excitement to the game, and thus far has shown to enhance player retention.

As with all Wazdan features...

…this one is also simple to use. Activated in just two clicks, it seamlessly allows players to purchase whichever bonus they want in order to maximize their enjoyment during gameplay. Still, the purchase option is only available at lower bet levels and will be locked at higher bets depending on the game bet levels.

All new games from the provider will have this option moving forward, and it is already available on the recently launched provider’s slots:

  • Black Horse™ Deluxe
  • Lucky 9
  • 9 Tigers
  • Sonic Reels

Features Suite

The latest Buy option is part of Wazdan’s suite of Unique Features. All of them are made to customize the games according to players’ individual preferences and boost their overall engagement and playing experience.

Some of the provider’s most innovative features include:

  • Volatility Levels - This unique special feature gives players freedom to alter the volatility of every spin, enabling greater enjoyment of gameplay for both low and high rolling players.
  • Ultra Lite Mode - Another authentic feature by the brand that decreases game load times, and allowing players to launch their favorite titles up to 5x faster on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Big Screen Mode - fills the screen with bigger reels to super-size the excitement and let players focus on the action that takes place.
  • Ultra Fast Mode – Created for players that want to experience a faster and more dynamic gaming experience.

Head of Sales at Wazdan, Andrzej Hyla, had this to say about the new Buy Feature:

 "We are thrilled to announce Wazdan's latest Buy Feature to meet the high demand of players seeking the option to buy their bonuses as they please. As with all Wazdan customisable features, the Buy Feature is designed to optimize the player experience, offering seamless navigation through the feature to give players the bonuses they desire.”

Source: “Wazdan Launches A New Buy Feature To Boost The Potential Of The Gameplay”. Wazdan. June 3, 2020.

By Kristina Vujadinovic