• New Perfect Blackjack Live Dealer Game Launched by NetEnt

    21 February 2019

    Netent perfect blackjack

    Net Entertainment has generally been known for their online slots. However, they also have a strong live dealer casino platform that they run, and it's one of the most competitive in the industry. They've recently announced a new title for that platform by way of Perfect Blackjack, and while it's uncommon to see new table games presented in general, this game brings something that most players will probably have never seen before in the blackjack environment.

    What Perfect Blackjack Brings to the Table

    Blackjack fans love strategy, and in this game, the right strategies can land you a particularly high average payout rate of 99.5 percent. However, no matter how good you are, you can run into situations where you make small mistakes that can add up over time and add to the house advantage.

    Perfect Blackjack helps to avoid this type of problem by offering players an option for an auto-play mode that will play perfect blackjack strategy for this game's set of rules. It'll play every hit, stand, double and split with perfect mathematical accuracy just like if you were reading off of a computer-generated chart that gave you the exact perfect strategy in every possible situation.

    Auto-play Options

    Players will have the choice to auto-play along these lines, which puts you in a position where more hands per hour can be played. With a faster rate of play, you don't have to sit around waiting on others to make as many decisions, and that helps to speed the game along as well. And as always, you'll be greeted by the best live dealers that Net Entertainment could find, who are always friendly and helpful.

    Net Entertainment's Live Dealer Innovation

    It's clear to see that NetEnt's innovation is not limited just to the online slots sector. Instead, they're pushing the envelope in a number of different areas, and that's one of the kinds of things that has helped to keep them in the top tier of software developers in the casino industry because they can do a lot of things extremely well. By always bringing a high level of quality, they're able to be at or near the top for everything they do.


    Press Release, NetEnt to Launch Industry-first Perfect Blackjack With Rank Group netent.com, February 6, 2019

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