A new team has been established to monitor online gambling in the UK.

eCOGRA’s new team will monitor all 91 online casinos and 21 poker rooms accredited with the body’s Play It Safe seal to ensure online gambling in the UK is as safe as possible.

The new four-member team, all of whom have experience in the gambling and audit industry, will conduct on-site assessments of online casinos and poker rooms to ensure casinos adhere to its standards and regulations.

They will take over the role previously outsourced to third party auditing firms. eCOGRA’s independent directors, meanwhile, will continue to oversee the accreditation process and compliance issues, while also administering the assessment process.

Andrew Beveridge, eCOGRA’s chief executive, explained: ‘Although the auditors have provided us with an outstanding service in the past, we now have the necessary skills, reputation and player recognition to undertake this work ourselves, giving it our closer and more immediate attention.

‘This is in line with the way other independent standards organizations and regulators operate. These dedicated resources will allow us greater flexibility to meet the continually varying demands of our industry and to respond to the players’ demands for a safe and rewarding online gambling experience.’

Author: GamesAndCasino