• Mitch Garber Interview

    11 August 2009


    Mitch Garber was CEO of Party-Gaming, the largest listed online gaming company in the world. He left in 2008, not because he had not been successful but because of the passing of the UIGEA bill at the end of 2006. And being that Party-Gaming was the most high profile and was hugely dependent on the US!

    When the UIGEA law passed Party-Gaming spent the weekend on the phone with lawyers on both sides trying to decide what to do next. The following Monday they decided to pull out of the US.

    Garber stated:

    “Party was ultimately a positive experience. I think it’s a particularly well run company that mixes technological progress and regulatory compliance with responsible gaming in a way that forms part of the model for how interactive gaming should be done.”

    What about doing things differently if he had his time again? “I don’t think so, I wouldn’t say we did a perfect job but we made a lot of important decisions. Just as in any other big company, some of those decisions rolled well and others didn’t, but if you net it out, in the end the decision making was sound and the company is on very solid ground,” he says.

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